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Use these pens to make your own movies and upload them onto YouTube for example.  Take them to parties (letting people know you are spying on them first of course) and film all the action.  Use the Spy Pens to film pets doing their tricks and then upload the movies to the internet for sharing with friends and family. 

The use for the incredible technology in spy pens is limited only by your own imagination!

Spy Pens come in various specifications - the specification for our basic pen is as follows, more spy pens at 8gb can be seen on the order page :-

  • Hidden camera plus audio recording - super small with a mini DVR to record all the action. It even writes like a normal pen.
  • No drivers or outside power source needed. It recharges when it is plugged into the computer via the USB port.
  • Can record for a full two hours on a single charge.
  • Recordings can be later downloaded via high speed USB 2.0 to your P.C.
  • You can even use it as a thumb drive like a dash cam to move files from one computer to another.
  • Read speed/Write speed 900K/700K per second.
  • AVI video format 640x480 and 25 Frames Per Second.
  • Works with XP and Vista.
  • Sound recording up to 15ft
  • Comes with software and USB Cable.
  • 4gb Memory - full instructions for use.

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Be aware when using spy pens that certain situations when filming people and places may be illegal - ensure that you stay within the law when using the pen.

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